Forum PA 2022: PA challenges between ethical and social impacts of digitalisation

This year’s edition of Forum PA focused on the state of implementation of the investments and reforms of the PNRR and European programming, putting people and their skills, technologies, new paradigms of digital transformation and shared governance at the centre of the debate.

The event took place in Rome at the “Auditorium della Tecnica” from June 14th to June 17th, and was an occasion to discuss and dialogue on innovation and strengthening public administration, and to deepen the key role that public administrations can play in facilitating and facilitating the achievement of the objectives of the Italian National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRP) and the next cycle of European funds 2021-2027.

In particular today 17th of June the event focused on the topic of #DigitalAbility, where the ETAPAS project coordinator Roberta Lotti moderated the session “The challenges of the PAs between ethical and social impacts of digitalisation”.

Taking into account the complexity and speed with which progress is reconfiguring the human-technology relationship, the session analysed the potentialities, risks and prospects of digitalisation, which inevitably affects the design and delivery of public services.

“What we have realized is that innovation must be responsible for the common good, not a constraint but an enabling push” said Roberta Lotti providing useful testimony on the ETAPAS project.