The ETAPAS Governance Model is available on Joinup!

In a significant development for public administrations (PAs) across Europe, the ETAPAS project proudly announces the availability of its Governance Model on JoinUp,

The ETAPAS Governance Model is a groundbreaking resource that offers PAs detailed guidelines for the ethical and accountable adoption of digital technologies. It is designed to assist public administrators in navigating the complexities of digital transformation, providing a clear and structured approach to implementation and risk mitigation.

Key Features of the ETAPAS Governance Model:

Guidelines for Responsible Adoption: The model offers a set of general guidelines that help PAs in adopting digital technologies responsibly, ensuring that the process aligns with ethical standards and public interests.

Accountability Framework: It includes an accountability model that focuses on the measurement, monitoring, and analysis of digital transformation implementations, ensuring transparency and responsibility in the process.

Defined Roles and Responsibilities: The model clearly outlines the roles and responsibilities that should be instituted within PAs, ensuring that each stakeholder understands their part in the digital transformation journey.

Step-by-Step Journey for Administrators: The Governance Model is presented as an online tool with a user-friendly interface on JoinUp. It guides public administrators through a step-by-step journey, facilitating the replication and implementation of ETAPAS solutions.

Access to Methodology by Roles and Tools: The online tool allows users to access the proposed methodology not only through a step-by-step interface but also by specific roles and tools, making it highly adaptable to various organizational structures and needs.

The integration of the ETAPAS Governance Model into JoinUp represents a significant advancement in the field of public administration. It provides PAs with an accessible, open-source tool that simplifies the adoption of digital technologies, ensuring that such transformations are conducted ethically, efficiently, and effectively.

Public administrators and stakeholders are encouraged to explore the ETAPAS Governance Model on JoinUp. This resource is expected to play a crucial role in shaping the future of digital transformation in public administrations across Europe, paving the way for more innovative, transparent, and citizen-centric services.

For more information, please visit the ETAPAS section on JoinUp.