Milano Digital Week: Ethical Governance of AI and other Disruptive Technologies in the PAs

Join us on the 6th of October for an exciting ETAPAS online event within the Milano Digital Week!

The event is aimed towards introducing Public Administrations (PAs) to an innovative approach, methodology, and governance model for the integration of AI and other Disruptive Technologies (DT) developed by the H2020 ETAPAS – Ethical Technology Adoption in Public Administration Services – project.  

This dynamic conference will unveil the approach and methodology translated into a user-friendly platform, complemented by a Governance Model that provides comprehensive insights into the ETAPAS solution. This Governance Model serves as a guide for potential DT adopters, offering strategies to navigate and mitigate the ethical, social, and legal risks associated with such technologies. Attendees will delve into a cohesive framework that outlines the necessary activities and processes for PAs to evaluate the adoption of AI and DTs, along with effective strategies for risk mitigation.

As such the event is relevant for Policy and Innovation makers, European commission members, Public Administrations and Public Sector Organisations, Universities and Research Centers, Digital Innovation Hubs, IT industry and especially GovTech companies.

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