Open consultation on the ETAPAS Code of Conduct for the adoption of Disruptive Technologies in Public Sector organisations

The ETAPAS – Ethical Technology Adoption in Public Administration Services – Project aims at developing a set of practical tools to support public administrations in the assessment and management of the ethical risks of DT-based applications with the goal of improving public service delivery for citizens by facilitating the ethical adoption of Disruptive Technologies in compliance with European and national strategies and guidelines.

The first deliverable of the project is a generic Code of Conduct for the ethical technology adoption in the public services. A code of conduct is a statement of principles adopted by an organization to guide its own conduct that can serve both as affirmations of values and as the basis of an internal accountability mechanism for the organization. The document is the result of the analysis of the context, of the literature review and of the internal consultation with the members of the ETAPAS consortium (including public bodies, Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs), universities and private companies).

We are now launching this wider consultation to collect insights from the whole community and improve the Code of Conduct. You can download the Code of Conduct below:

The questionnaire for the open consultation on the Code of Conduct is available at:

Please, participate in the open consultation by answering the questionnaire, we look forward to your opinions!